Monica Mullen Massage

Monica Mullen

Massage Therapist ~ Life Coach ~ Movement Facilitator
Massage Therapist ~ Life Coach ~ Movement Facilitator

Several months ago when the pandemic had barely begun, I was invited to join a class with Monica Mullen. I thought it was going to be a typical exercise class and being bored and stuck in my house I decided to join in. Having known Monica for several years I knew it would be “good” but I never would have believed it could start my life on a new course.

First of all I found out it was not a regular exercise class at all, but a well-orchestrated series of movements that would activate my entire body and mind wellness switch. I didn’t notice a great deal at first as I was focusing on learning the movements, but after a few sessions I began to notice the subtlety of the positive changes occurring in my body. I am still amazed how such gentle movements can accomplish SO much.

Fast forward to the present time. I absolutely will not miss a session. The changes have been profound. I have balance issues and they have been greatly improved. My eyesight has improved. The flexibility in my body has drastically improved and I now have tools. Yes, tools that I can use daily and even hourly to restore my balance, mood, release tension, headaches, anxiety and restore peace to my mind and body.

I am blessed to have connected with Monica and her classes and get to enjoy her caring instruction along with others twice a week.

I invite you to join us for a very calm, loving, yet extremely productive road to wellness.

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