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Monica Mullen

Massage Therapist ~ Life Coach ~ Movement Facilitator
Massage Therapist ~ Life Coach ~ Movement Facilitator

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One of the gifts of receiving bodywork is that we get to discover what is happening with our bodies.

We can easily normalize aches, pains and limitations we experience over time. We become unaware of all the compensations we’ve gotten used to and accept them as “that’s just the way my body is now.”  This is not really feeling the body.

Our bodies are a wonderous, miraculous and mysterious earth suit we wear for a lifetime. 

We take our cars in for maintenance and repairs.  What if we had that kind of attention and commitment to our own body feeling and moving better with more ease, pleasure, flexibility and energy?

I invite you to come in for a session and feel the difference.


Every session is tailored specifically for you.

Targeted Chair Therapy
30 minutes
$50This treatment is done on a massage chair with clothes on. Specific muscles can be addressed to relieve muscle tightness, pain/discomfort. When the muscles are released, bones and joints function more optimally.
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60 minutes$125Contact Monica
90 minutes$175Contact Monica
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“To be aware of the body is the beginning of self love. When mind goes home to the body, the mind and body are established in the here and now”.

Below you will find a description of the different massage services that we offer. Keep in mind that each massage can be tailored to your specific needs during each session.

Targeted Chair Therapy

This treatment is done on a massage chair with clothes on. Specific muscles can be addressed to relieve muscle tightness, pain/discomfort. When the muscles are released, bones and joints function more optimally.

Swedish Massage

The most well-known full body massage geared towards deep relaxation using the standard strokes of effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement. and joint manipulation. The client can simply let go and tune into their senses for a deep, rejuvenating rest, as they listen to soothing music. I incorporate also a unique body calming guided meditation when appropriate for an ever deeper rest. Great to relieve overall stress: physical. mental and emotional. Hot Stone Massage included

Deep Muscle Therapy

Also know as deep tissue massage. The style I use is gentle on the client. Most people think of deep tissue massage as a necessary but painful experience. Not true. This is not just a ‘hard Swedish’, meaning that instead of being pushed on harder, specific muscles are precisely addressed to relieve a certain issue, such as back or hip pain. If you have shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, knee issues, neck, back pain, deep muscle therapy address these concerns in a very precise manner. Results are felt after just the first session. People often suffer needlessly with daily muscle aches and pains, not realizing how much relief can be achieved through deep muscle therapy. It’s a much better alternative to prescription drugs which just mask the real problem, which is often of a muscular nature.

Trigger Point Therapy

Specific areas in the muscle are palpated, compressed and cleared so that the pain and/or stiffness in the muscle are released. Much more energy is then restored to the muscle and your overall energy levels. This style is included in the deep muscle therapy.

Sports Massage

This style is appropriate for the weekend warrior, the person who generally works out at a gym or elsewhere, to the full-out athlete. Muscles are worked to restore flexibility, endurance, and improved range of motion of joints, and to relieve soreness due to overexertion.

Pregnancy Massage

A woman can receive massage throughout her entire pregnancy, or just when she is experiencing more than usual aches and pains. For every trimester there are specific issues to be addressed and worked with: reduce swelling (edema), promotes increased blood and lymph circulation, reduces blood pressure, improves respiratory function, reduces musculoskeletal strain and pain, to name a few. The woman receives individual attention to her specific physical and emotional needs during this miraculous time.

Postural Integration

This is a series of 90 minute sessions, received once a week for 10 weeks. Each session deals with a particular area of the body, for example one session is just on feet and lower legs. Each muscle is cleared of any trigger points, muscles bundles, or anything that presents as not smooth muscle. When all the muscles are cleared, they can perform optimally at their naturally intended function. Over time, stresses, injuries, our bodies make compensations to adjust to those stresses. What results is a structure out of balance, which can then cause ongoing pain. This is truly a full body tune-up. A wonderful thing to experience! Once the body is in balance, you have more energy and less pain.

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