Monica Mullen Massage

Monica Mullen

Massage Therapist ~ Life Coach ~ Movement Facilitator
Massage Therapist ~ Life Coach ~ Movement Facilitator

Quality of Life Coaching

You will have an hour dedicated to you sharing what is happening in one or more areas of your life.  You’ll receive ways and techniques to make distinctions to unravel upsets, blocks or concerns you may be having in certain areas of your life.  Just as in a deep muscle therapy session where I’ve found a painful area, when you allow yourself to feel that, go through it, and then release it, you feel better:  have more energy and freedom of movement.  The same type of thing occurs when you can see clearly into an area of life that has some ‘blockage’, are then being able to articulate it and make distinctions through a guided process, the result is that the ‘space’ will open up in your life, resulting in more energy and flow. 

Similar to a massage session when you didn’t even realize you had a blockage, a trigger point or painful area, the same thing can occur in coaching.  You may not yet have made certain distinctions where things are blocked, or not flowing, but with a skilled coach, you may become aware of issues that may have been slightly under your radar.  It could be as simple as a miscommunication occurred! The result will be more energy, pleasure and flow.

I offer a free 30-minute coaching consultation

I am a Presence Coach and have led hundreds of seminars, founded and operated a transformational training facility in Italy. I have a rich background in various spiritual, transformational and experiential works that I began in my mid twenties, which has become my life’s work.

Would you like to see if coaching is a fit for you?

Contact Monica for a free consultation phone session...and let's find out!
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