Monica Mullen Massage

Monica Mullen

Massage Therapist ~ Life Coach ~ Movement Facilitator
Massage Therapist ~ Life Coach ~ Movement Facilitator

Massage CEU Houston, Texas

Continuing Education Classes for Massage Therapists

Tuition: $125.
Times: 8:30AM – 2:30PM, Saturdays
Location: 3730 Kirby Dr, Ste 410, Houston 77098
To Register: Completing the purchase process will register you for the class. Once registered, you’ll receive an email with course details & directions to the location.

  • Learn precise deep muscle techniques
  • Techniques are easy on therapist, gentle on client
  • A gentler and holistic approach
  • Results for clients in just 1 or 2 sessions
  • Repeat business for you!
All technique classes are 6 hours, CE approved by Texas Department of Health Science Services.
Please feel free to contact Monica at 713-582-2585 if you prefer to register by phone.
No walk-ins.
TX CE Provider #CE1701

Bring a lunch + water. We have a refrigerator.

~ 2024 Classes ~

Shoulder Injuries

Saturday, May 18

In this class you will learn about the Myopractic approach to deep muscle therapy and the various shoulder issues your client may have. We will cover 17 muscles that act upon the shoulder. You will learn how to find, distinguish and palpate each individual muscle, and understand its function.

In Swedish massage, you don’t need to know how to locate and release individual muscles. This class goes into the anatomy of the shoulder and you get to actually find each muscle and assess its tone and condition.

6 CE credit hours for Massage Therapists  

Massage as Meditation from the Heart

Saturday, June 8

This class deals with the energy flows that occur before, during and after a session. Learn energy massage techniques to create more ease for both client and you!

 6 CE credit hours for Massage Therapists  

Hip & Low Back Pain

Saturday, June 29

This is one of the most common complaints of clients. Learn how to access, identify and clear important muscles to help alleviate back pain, as well as valuable tips on how to reduce their pain.

 6 CE credit hours for Massage Therapists  

Whiplash, Head & Neck Pain

Saturday, July 6

You will learn very detailed work in the anterior, lateral and posterior neck muscles, as well as head and face. This is a must for anyone dealing with clients who have had a whiplash, suffer headaches/migraines, have cervical spine issues and the common complaint of a stiff neck and restricted range of motion. Join us, become a neck pain specialist.

 6 CE credit hours for Massage Therapists  

Bring a lunch + water. We have a refrigerator.

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