Testimonials from Students

Sylvie Labrosse, LMT

Fantastic Results!

Hi Dear Monica,

After only 2 days of applying what we've learned on Sunday, I had to Let you know:

I'm AMAZED and overwhelmed by the results of your teaching and the best part is that my clients are just speechless when they feel the effects "without any pain "

How can I thank you enough for your dedication and your strong believes in this Myopractic!

I'm going to be honest with you by admitting that I was still working way too hard on my clients to which I was imposing too much pain even they could see some results ... until yesterday and today!
My goodness it's easy!
Out of 4 clients suffering from low back, hip and leg pain, I saw 2 of them so far that called this technique a "miracle one" (miracles don't have to be painful, right!? )


Finally.... I GOT IT!!!

I'm going to see my worst case of leg and back pain tomorrow and I just can't wait!

I'm so happy and thankful for all this,  but mainly for keeping on going to your classes (which are by the way, just awesome and so enriching ( like you ) )

Thank you! Thank you and THANK YOU Monica!


Fiona Dec


Coaching Rocks!

I've been a client of Monica's for 3 years now. I have found the massages she offers and the attention she brings to me very impressive. I had a variety of different challenges, physical and emotional. Her knowledge of how to help my physical body was superb. Her assessment and attention to my emotional health was perfect. She saw things even before I did, by carefully listening, being curious and noticing.
In 2014 I was diagnosed with both breast cancer and brain cancer. Obviously this was a very bleak time for me and my favorite therapist. My body, through Monica's massages, had already begun to exhibit some symptoms of what I later discovered were these dreadful illnesses. She was incredibly supportive to me through all the drama and doctors appointments.

During this time I continued to receive massages, bodywork and awareness work from Monica. This was a great help to alleviate the tremendous stress I was holding. She began to do a lot of Coaching with me. This helped me in so many ways to see what was happening to me and to be able to have a bit of control. (control is the element that you feel gets completely lost, when that runaway train of cancer treatment leaves the station!). She helped me to identify what was happening to me emotionally. How to maneuverer through these situations, manage difficult situations or even to flat out avoid situations that cost me too much energetically. She covered nutrition, supplements, activity, social aspects, family and encouraged me to verbalized precisely all the things I was feeling and thinking. This all added up to make her my most important player on team FIONA. The amount of coaching and the wealth of sensible, usable, accurate information was incredible. She offered complete backup whenever and wherever I needed it.
This was an extreme case for Monica. I constantly worried that the degree to which I was hurting, would take its toll on her - she never wavered. The big picture was split into bite size pieces and we just kept rolling along. When things were identified as problems, she helped me see the solution and accept my situation. I was so out of my comfort zone, but she kept the coaching coming. Now many of her ideas and strategies are seared in my mind...I now instinctively know how to manage and satisfyingly, so does my family.

Monica has provided me with a wealth of coping skills. Courage to keep on going ...searching for my joy. Not to be afraid. And always snack on protein throughout the day!
It scares me to think that I might not have met this woman, who has been a tower of strength to me in my recovery from the biggest, scariest battle for my life.

Coaching Rocks!

Alicia Lingenfelter, LMT

Monica is a delightful person and has a very relaxing and patience teaching style. I have taken all six Myopractic classes and, every time, I was amazed at how much information and hands-on time we received. The techniques that are taught will save your hands and extend your career in massage therapy. I have used these techniques, one way or another, in every massage I have done since. Even the clients are amazed at how well they feel! Sometimes you feel a little guilty because you feel like you have not done anything ...but you get over it real quick! Easy on the hands and body----works wonders on your clients!

Pam Stephens, LMT

I've had the privilege to train under Monica as both a massage student and practicing therapist. Regardless of material complexity, she has the ability to communicate and transfer knowledge like no other instructor I've met. In addition to being a highly-competent therapist, she's professional, organized, and has a unique ability to keep the class on track while ensuring no student is left behind. Monica truly cares about her students, and does her best to ensure they all walk away from class with the skills and confidence to employ what they've learned in the real world. Her Myopractic courses are simply amazing. You'll learn useful techniques to free your clients from chronic pain without hurting yourself, invaluable insight to any therapist looking to extend their career. I highly recommend you treat yourself to the experience of training with Monica!

Inga Alanne, LMT

I really appreciate your elegant teaching style. You have a talent of combining straightforward information with humor. The content is exact and to the point. Your hands-on techniques are easy on the hands, which saves my hands from wear and tear and at the same time effective to the person on the table. Of course giving and receiving a treatment in class is one of the perks of signing up for your class. And afterwards I can integrate what I learned from you into my existing treatment. Thank you, Monica!


Testimonials from Clients

Barnet Levinson Design

I've been a regular client of Monica's for approximately four years. Her ability to not only alleviate soreness or pain from pulled muscles, but also find problem areas I wasn't even aware of, is an amazing talent. Because she has a very good understanding of anatomy and how the body works, anytime I have a question about what's going on, she has a detailed explanation ready for me. Her knowledge also allows her to see and treat the body as a whole, and not as unrelated, isolated problem areas. So if you're looking for a very accomplished, professional, and intuitive massage therapist, I highly recommend Monica.

Ermanno Florio

Monica Mullen is a highly experienced Massage Therapist. She has extensive knowledge of the human body and is able to evaluate and offer advice when necessary. She has been treating both my wife and I for over 5 years and has been extremely helpful in diagnosing neck and back problems for both of us. Her massages are incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. Both my wife, Franca and I would highly recommend her - she is simply the best!

Diana Hanley

"Monica has magic hands. She has the uncanny ability to find that pesky knot because she has a superb knowledge of the human body and is willing to share her knowledge with her patients. I have learned so much about my body since I have been seeing her. She has worked wonders on this "knotty" body. I would recommend Monica to anyone who wants the best."


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