Frequently Asked Questions About Massages

by Monica Mullen, Licensed Massage Therapist and Instructor

What should I expect for my first session?

I recommend you arrive about 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill out a client health history form and we’ll discuss the proper type of session for you.  I will analyze your posture to evaluate any structural issues.  I will leave the room and you will undress to the level of your comfort.  You may take off all of your clothes, or leave underwear on, whichever is more comfortable for you.  You will be draped the whole time to keep muscles warm and you comfortable. Have a massage question? Just ask Monica Mullen

Please tell me if the temperature in the room is too warm, too cold.  During the session, I will ask you if the pressure is too light or too deep for you.  Please let me know if you are ever uncomfortable as I am here to ensure your comfort and ease.  There will be relaxing music playing and you are welcome to choose whatever style of music you enjoy most.

After the session, you’ll dress and I’ll then come back in the room. There will be water for you, as it is important to hydrate well after the massage and throughout the day to lessen any reactions such as soreness, etc.  I’ll discuss with you whatever I discovered and plan your next visit, if you so desire.  There is never any pressure; only educated recommendations.

How many sessions will I need to relieve this pain or have more relaxation in my system in general?

This is very individual.  For pain issues, usually a short series of sessions is recommended for an acute or chronic situation.  If you come in for one therapeutic session, then wait a month till the next one, the body will generally revert back to its’ previous holding patterns and we’ll be working on what we worked on in the first session.  For best results, if a person comes in weekly for a few weeks, most conditions improve significantly.  If they don't, then I’ll recommend the next step with the appropriate professional.

To educate your body and mind to live in a more relaxed way in general, (and it is a reeducation) depends on your current stress level and situation.  You may want to have a maintenance program which could vary from weekly to once a month.   Your choice.  You will have a good idea after the session, as you will notice the difference from when you first walked in the door.

What can I do after the session to enhance the results from my session?

Drink plenty of purified water.  Alkalized water is the best, but any kind of water is better than none.  This will help flush out any toxins that were released into your system during the massage, reducing effects that may occur, such as soreness, etc.  I will also advise you on any appropriate stretching or other exercises that may assist you.  There may be other advice, depending on your situation.

Do you make home visits?

If I know the client well and we have developed a good relationship over some time, I will consider making home visits for that person or that couple.  I ask that the clients have their own massage table at home.  Clients that I do see at their home have their own table and they usually receive massages every week.  If it is a one-time special needs situation, I am willing to bring my table to their house if they live within 10 miles of my studio.  There is an extra charge for this service.


What happens if I am late for my appointment?

You will receive the remaining time of your session, to respect the next client's schedule. I encourage you to allow enough travel time so that you are a few minutes early so that we can discuss your needs. This way you will then receive the full time of the massage.


If you have more questions about massages or our services please feel free to give us a call at 713-582-2585 or click here to email us. We would be happy to answer all of your questions.